Here you’ll soon find materials that you can use to make error music at home. Until then, we have links to many sound x tech formats that we think are cool and we often use in our workshops! They are all free, check them out 🙂


Here you’ll find lots of tinkering tricks to do at home– from our educational partner Junge Tüftler! Program the hot wire cactus, a banana piano, or a more sustainable fashion world in virtual reality.

Sonic Pi

Sonic Pi is a music programming software that is free and open source. No problem if you’ve never programmed before! It’s really easy to make experimental sounds straight away. Most importantly, you can create really weird sounds and write your first code! We love Sonic Pi 🙂

Learning Synths

On this learning platform from Ableton you can not only learn a lot about frequencies and synthesizers. Make the wings of a bee vibrate and sound or create your own sounds. What is a sawtooth? Find out here.

Learning Music

Want to know how a Beyoncé track is produced? On this interactive website from Ableton you can experiment directly with beats, melodies and harmonies. If you want, you can directly download your own sounds (you can try Ableton for free for 30 days). What could an error music composition sound like? Send it to us!

Free Sounds

There are many sounds on the net – from lion roars to city sounds to experimental wonky sounds. You can download them for free. On some platforms you have to register for free, on others you can download sounds directly. Open your ears and listen! Or just record your own sounds with your phone and edit them in Scratch or Ableton!

DIY Midi Controller

Yosa Peit shows you how to build a DIY music controller with a Makey Makey and the music software Ableton, with which you can make beats, melodies or whole tracks. On the website of Coding For Tomorrow you will also find many other tinker tutorials.


You want to learn programming? With the programming language Scratch it’s super easy and works like playing Lego. You can realize your own ideas, program games, trigger sounds with your computer camera, record and change your voice, deal with artificial intelligence and much more… Really cool: you can look at other projects in a huge library and just remix them!


Even though this Sendung mit der Maus video is very old, it still explains really well how a computer actually works. They also made a great feature on how the internet works, which you can find on youtube. Take a look!