Error Music – don’t delete! is a new experimental sound x tech edu format for girls, trans, inter* and nonbinary kids. Workshop editions will run across six Berlin districts for the duration of one year. 

Every edition is a mix of sounddesign, hacking, error culture and performance to boost confidence of teenage girls and queer trans kids in participating in a sound and tech future. We playfully explore the relationship between sound, technology and our senses, dive into electronic music making, computing and its female pioneers.

Error Music will run inside schools and youth clubs across Berlin. Each five day format ends with an experimental live performance at ACUD supported by renowned Amplify mentors.

It is especially important to us to work with girls and QT kids to create interest-based approaches as well as a safe space for playful exploration.

We run Error Music in a team of the producer and founder Yosa Peit, ACUD MACHT NEU and mentors of the the educational institution Junge Tüftler. The project is working with the Amplify mentoring program– the first editions feature Perera Elsewhere.

The project is funded by the Berlin Project Fund for Cultural Education.